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Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide

Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide

Calendars, Signs, Thermometers, Clocks, Trays, Dispensers, Coolers, Jugs, Toys, Lighters ........

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Article code: 5981


Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide
494 pages
b&w and color photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm
1,287 kg

This complete guide to everything soft drink covers all ends of the industry, from its origins over a century ago to the rare collectibles of the most obscure soda pop manufacturers. Calendars, bottle displays, tin signs, and even ashtrays and whistles are listed by section and indexed for easy reference.

From major brands to local, often almost unheard of sodas, this sourcebook pictures and prices thousands of collectibles, ranging from calendars to trays. More than 2,500 photos is captioned with the date, size, and value of the item. Petretti also provides information on museums, clubs, and auction houses that specialize in soda-pop collectibles.