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Signalboxes for the Modeller

Signalboxes for the Modeller

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€ 12.50

Article code: 8398


Signalboxes for the Modeller
80 pages
Color and b&w photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm
0,349 kg

Signal Boxes for the Modeller aims to provide the modeller with a more detailed examination of signal Box types and design which have previously been mentioned briefly in 'Aspects of Modelling Signalling'. The book gives the reader background to the evolution of the signalbox, the main designs produced by the pre-Grouping railway companies and their successors, the different types of material used in construction, the positioning of signal Boxes, boxes at level crosses through to signalboxes in tight locations. Drawing upon descriptive and easy to follow instructions and information coupled with a variety of colour and mono illustrations. This book will prove a great addition to every modeller s collection.